Pali Notes

Hello friends, welcome to I am studying the Pali language, and this site is my online notebook. I hope it is helpful to you!

Sabba-saṅghānubhāvena sadā sukhī bhavantu te!

Pali Grammar



Personal pronouns data file (going to try to make this legible soon).



Some (very) simple searchable interfaces of dictionaries via Sutta Central.

(These are pretty big files.)


These are just references for the books and resources I myself have been using.

For a much fuller list see:

Pali Language Books & Resources -The List at Learn Pali Language.

Pali Primer Lily DeSilva



Various texts I’m either working on or working on working on. I hope to add some study aids here as time goes on.


In my “real life” I work on using web technology for language documentation. I like building small applications that solve just a couple problems at a time. I have made a few in the process of studying Pali, so I thought I would share them here:

Highlight first words


If you are interested in Pali you might want to check out: